Join us for a Sunday Gathering

We meet in an old shoe factory. That makes us sound way cooler than we probably are.


Before you show up, you probably have a lot of questions like what I should wear? Do I need to bring anything? Where should I park? Will there be something for my kids? Is the coffee any good? Is it going to be awkward?

We get it!


Trying something for the first time can be overwhelming. Allow us to put your mind at ease. We don't want your money, we try not to act weird, and the coffee is pretty good!

Here is what you can expect. We meet every Sunday at 10 am at 550 Lisbon St. We serve hot coffee and sometimes something to snack on. We start with some music to get our hearts, and our minds focused on Jesus. We spend time in the Bible, we pray together, and we share the Lord's Supper (We can explain that one when you get here). Then we sing some more songs and hang out because we like each other!

Kids hang out with us during the music and then go to classes that are designed just for them with some excellent teachers for the rest of the gathering. Although some choose to stay with their parents. 

We encourage you to dress comfortably. There is no need to impress us. If you have a Bible, you can bring it. If not, we will have one you can use and even keep!

That's it!! If you are interested, you can check out these links for more information about us.  


Contact Us

Do you have questions about the story of God or a question about who we are or what we do?

We would love the opportunity to meet you and answer any questions that you have.

You can send us an email at info@rhcentral.com or join us for a Sunday Gathering at 10 am every Sunday.


550 Lisbon St
Lewiston, Androscoggin County 04240

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