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Fundraising Campaign

Partner with us financially to help us move into a a new church building and continue to live out our mission for the Kingdom of God in Lewiston/Auburn, ME. 
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$600k over 5 years

We understand that in order for this move to happen, God needs to provide.

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Renovations: $100k

We are raising $100k to renovate the space to be accomodating for our current desires/needs. Several skilled contractors in the church body are volunteering their work to keep this cost low.

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Ongoing needs: $150k

We are a small church with no outside support currently. An additional $150k will secure our ability to continue supporting our bi-vocational pastor and guarantee our savings account will remain secure. Any extra we do not need will go directly towards the downpayment.

Downpayment: $350k

In order to purchase the 10,000 sq ft space at the end of our lease, we would need to raise $350k for a downpayment to set us up well for a long future in the downtown area of Lewiston, as a church.

That means raising $120k/year for the next 5 years.

And we believe God will provide!

Support the fundraising campaign
Select "Fundraising Campaign"
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